Atlantic Sea Salt



Harvested by hand, this organically approved Atlantic Sea Salt is perfect for use in cooking as well as on-the-table seasoning.
Gathered from the shores of Portugal, there are no vehicles used in its collection, meaning its production has a minimal effect on the environment.
For use as seasoning in all home-cooked dishes, have you ever tried it sprinkled on top of a chunk of crusty bread covered in butter?

Single or Pack of 6:
  • ingredients
    Atlantic Sea Salt**Organically Produced.
  • Allergen Information:
    No allergens in the ingredients
  • Nutritional Values
    Iron:6.6 Mg per Kg
    Zinc: 1.0 Mg per Kg
    Selenium: 0.10 Mg per Kg
    Copper: 0.10 Mg per Kg
    Potassium: 2700 Mg per Kg
    Calcium: 180 Mg per 100 Grams
    Sodium: 10000 Mg per 100 Grams
    Magnesium: 4200 Mg per Kg
    Chlorides: 99 g (Nacl) per 100 Grams
    Iodine: 59 Mg per Kg