Korma Curry

North Indian Korma is made with yogurt, nuts, seeds & brown onion paste

  • Ingredients

    1 Large diced onion
    225g of vegetables or meat
    1 tbsp vegetable or sunflower oil
    200g tinned chopped tomatoes

    150 ML of coconut milk

  • Method

    Sizzle: Heat 2 tbsps cooking oil, add a large diced onion and fry until soft. Add 1/2 jar of GEO ORGANICS KORMA CURRY PASTE and heat for 1 min to release the flavours.
    Add 400g of vegetables or meat and cook for 5 mins, add 200g tinned chopped tomatoes and 100ml of coconut milk (add more for a milder taste) simmer gently until cooked through.
    Enjoy: Add 2 tbsps of plain yogurt and enjoy with boiled rice or naan bread. See website for more recipe ideas

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Korma Curry Paste

Whether you are cooking a huge pot to feed your whole family, or just a simple meal for one, our delicious, nutritious and 100% natural, mild organic Korma Curry Paste is the perfect thing to choose.
Forming the base of some of the most flavoursome Indian “fakeaway” recipes, this paste is low in fat, gluten and dairy free and perfect for vegetarians and vegans.
This mild Korma Paste will make cooking a delicious authentic curry at home simple, fun and cost-effective. Simply add diced chicken or vegetables, a little coconut cream and a chopped onion before serving with rice, naan and a steaming bowl of our Tasty Tadka Dahl. Delicious.