Indonesian Satay Curry

This healthy satay curry is whipped up in under 30 minutes, and is intensely flavoured with peanut butter

  • Ingredients

    1 Large diced onion
    Can of coconut cream
    1 Yellow pepper
    500g of vegetables or meat
    1 Can of Coconut Milk 400ml
    1 tbsp of peanut butter ( optional)

  • Method

    Reduce 1/2 can of coconut cream in a wok until it starts to become oily. Add 1 large finely diced onion and continually stir until cooked. Mix in 1/2 jar of GEO ORGANICS INDONESIAN SATAY CURRY PASTE and fry until aromatic. Add the rest of the coconut cream and 1 can of coconut milk 400ml. Add 500g of vegetables or meat and light soy sauce to taste. Reduce to a thick consistency. If desired add tbsp of peanut butter for a more nutty flavour. Serve with rice.

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Indonesian Satay Curry Paste

Enjoy the mouth-wateringly authentic blend of our Indonesian Satay Curry Paste, made with organic ingredients. Layering warming ginger, date and garlic with vibrant fenugreek, paprika and lemongrass, this curry paste contains NO artificial colours or flavours and is suitable for both vegetarians and vegans.
Mild on spice, but packed with flavour, this Indonesian Satay Curry Paste is designed to be enjoyed with or without meat. Serve with steamed rice or tossed through noodles for the ultimate easy-to-cook, mid-week meal for the whole family to enjoy.